måndag, januari 08, 2018

New year and new beginnings

As we start a new year I will try to restart  my blogg. I really want to blogg again but also know FB is an easy short way  to update what is happening around here. Therefore I will try to post here once a month to get a routine.

I will start with a sort of looking forward of the 2018.
Want to knit something from my stash yarn. Not all just my laceweight yarn. I got much and I don't knit so much in that kind if yarn. So I want to knit something every other month with lace weight.
Want t knit a pair of socks every month.
Will start christmas gift knitting now so they are finished in time.
Knit more sweaters. Love to knit sweaters.
And last as I soon will have a knew sewing mahine, sew project bags for my knitting projects.
This will be all for this time.  See you soon