lördag, juli 20, 2013


Today we drove to Gårdsmejeri Ostbiten and Ateljé Norrgården i Granhammar outside Örebro. It's a wonderful place, both if you love yarn and cheese, but also if you love  crafts in general. But you can just go there and thake a coffee break.

No yarn shopping this time but I bought Jeaba colours, some cheese, a book and some other things.

Garage sale bargains

On Thursday we were at Pingstkyrkans garage sale. There I found these bargains:

Several embroderys complete with yarn. From 15: and up to 50:- which is very cheap for complete embroderys.

I also have started with a new pair of socks in sock yarn leftovers. The pattern is from Drops design. Irish dream:

tisdag, juli 16, 2013

Hyden WA

It has been a long time since last update but I'm still alive. 
I've been a month i Australia (Hyden WA), visiting my daughter and grandchilds. It was wonderful to be there but now I'm home in the swedish summer again. Here are some photos from this month, both knitting related and non knitting related: