söndag, mars 29, 2015

Quiet but not dead

It's quiet on here but the blog is  not dead. I've just had other things to fokus on. Ad when it's like that FB is much easier to update in. But I will make it up and try to wright here much more often from now on.

I have done much knitting but as the last finishing isn't done on most of it I don't have so much photos. I've also got some secret knitting that I can't show just yet.
But I got some to show you:

Pattern: Samuels Argyle mittens
Design: My own, you can find it in Stickas member paper nr 4 2014
Yarn: Drops Nepal

Pattern : Samuels Argyle Cowl
Design: My own, you can find it in Stickas member paper nr 4 2014
Yarn: Drops Nepal

A work associate wanted a cowl for here husband in Argyle pattern and in these colours. And as I didn't find any pattern I had to design my own. And as I had bought to much yarn I decided to make a pair of  mittens in the same style.
I've also knitted som mittens for my grandchildren and son-in-law when they visited Sweden. Some caps and som washcloths has also come of the needles but no photos on these.
But here is the gloves I've knitten for my daughter:

Pattern: Lady Sunshine by Julia Mueller
Yarn: Frost
Size: Small
This was a bit of a challenge to knit as it didn't say all in the pattern how to knit some parts. But I really love Julia Muellers patterns and now they are free at Ravelry.

For now I've started on a sweater for Hubby. I'm knitting it topdown. No pattern, I've just talked to him and asked what he wanted and this is it.  First there will be dark grey and just that all along down as until I put the sleeve stiches om hold, maybe some rows more. After that I will stripe it with light grey and dark grey about 5-7 rows each. In the end there will be dark grey cuffs and ribbing. Last I will  pick up stiches and knit a ribbing around the neckline in dark grey. Here's a photo, even it's not much to see yet: