söndag, januari 27, 2013

socks and new toy:-)

Finished Echeveria socks  by Rachel CoopeyNice pattern.
Yarn: Qualitas and some white leftovers
Needles: 2.5mm dpns, did go up to 3mm on the colouring section


Also finished isMitered socks  by  Deathcuckoo
Yarn: several leftovers 
Needles: 2.5mm on two circulars
I decided to knit every colour to the end before change.
The black and the pink colour is the only one I therefore have any leftovers from.
Colour combo? Well... intresting at least

Mitered socks

And this far I gotten on the April Shovers V Mystery, clue 3 just started

And last of all my new toy that DH gave me today, keybord and mouse to my Samsung Tablet:-)

Now I. going to pack. I'm going to Nyköping on a two day course and I don't want to run out of knitting:-)

söndag, januari 20, 2013

Socks, socks and gloves

Here are the left over yarns I will use for the Mitered socks by Deathcuckoo, weight and winded (most of it) for two pair. Just need to find a pair of 2,5mm needles.

Mystery Sock V clue 1 done: April Showers. I'm knitting them in Drops Fabel and needles nr 2.00mm.

Echivera is waiting for the last clue that will be released on thuesday.

And Tindra has two gloves waiting for fingers. I 've been productiv this weekend.

fredag, januari 18, 2013

Todays walk to work and Tindra:

Today was a cold day here -15 but it was a beautiful sunny winter day:

And I have knitted two clues of Tindra. I really love Eva-Lottas patterns. And this Roositud looks difficult but so simple and lovely. Love it:

Sock year 2013?

This year I think will be a sock year. I'm knitting january mystery sock in the SKA group (Echivera). I'm also going to tag along with Stickas sock knitting. There I will knit Dödergöks Mitered socks as I already have knitted the Monkey socks. And I also will tag along in Mystery Sock V: April Showers. So there are several socks on the go just right now.

I also have other knitting projects on the needles. First of all a baby sweater for a friend att work who is expecting in late may. And there will be more baby sweaters this spring. We are going to be grandparents again in June. And another friend is expecting in August.

I have also started all over again on Stickas Christmas mystey knitting Tindra.

lördag, januari 05, 2013

2012 became 2013

My 2012:
Knitting: A liitle less than usual, don't know why but it was that way. Mostly small things like socks and so on. But I managed to knit christmas presents anyway.

Other thing: We sold Ms Smilla, our boat, in april. We wanted a bigger boat but as we shouldn't be in Sweden for a month during summer we decided to wait and buy one until we came back. One month we spent in  Western Australia visiting our daughter and grandchild. Three weeks in Hyden an one week traveling around.


When we came home it wasn't much of the summer left but we still missed our boat life so we started to look for a new boat. We didn't find anyone during summer so there was no sailing unless a daytrip with friends.

But at last, in october we found a new boat. Her name is Ms Almanda and you will find our blogg about her and our adventures with her here.

Blogging: Wery little I'm afraid, but I will really try to be a more frequent blogger  in 2013.

This was my 2012 in short. 2013 has started fine with me in a startitis mode in knitting:-)
Socks, shawls and so on:-)
But I also have ripped several UFO:s so there are about the same projects on the go:-)