fredag, januari 18, 2013

Sock year 2013?

This year I think will be a sock year. I'm knitting january mystery sock in the SKA group (Echivera). I'm also going to tag along with Stickas sock knitting. There I will knit Dödergöks Mitered socks as I already have knitted the Monkey socks. And I also will tag along in Mystery Sock V: April Showers. So there are several socks on the go just right now.

I also have other knitting projects on the needles. First of all a baby sweater for a friend att work who is expecting in late may. And there will be more baby sweaters this spring. We are going to be grandparents again in June. And another friend is expecting in August.

I have also started all over again on Stickas Christmas mystey knitting Tindra.

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heidi sa...

ja, det är verkligen roligt att sticka sockar:) och din lista är lång, så det skall bli roligt att se när dom blir klara framöver:)