torsdag, juni 21, 2007


Ännu ett paket från min secret pal kom idag. Två underbara nystan, choklad och servetter. Nu avslöjade hon sig så jag säger tack till Anja i Finland. Det är ett underbart paket. Vi tog även en tur med båten idag i det underbara vädret. Efter helgen kommer det fler bilder. Har några sjalar färdiga som jag inte hunnit ta kort på ännu. Det får bli när vi kommer hem från Karlstad och Åmål.

Another package arrived today from my secret pal. Two underful skeins, chocolate and napkins. Now she revealed herself so I say thank you Anja in Finland. It's a wonderful package. Today we also took a trip with the boat in the beautiful weather. After the weekend there will be some pictures of some shawls that I've finished. I've just haven't taken any pictures yet. It will have to wait until we comes home from Karlstad and Åmål.

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juuli sa...

It's been wonderful being your pal and getting to know you. I hope you find nice things to make with all the yarn! (Just a tip, I have seen the red/black yarn knitted into a triangle scarf, the skein is 200g and the yardage is excellent.
Here is a link you may not know - over 200 shawls and scarves arranged by required yardage. Happy knitting!

(make one line out of these two!)